Porsche Cayman 987 2.7 N/A – Steg 2

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Stock 240hk 270nm
REVO Stage 1 Software 258hk 290nm

Stage 2 Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the 2.7l engine with a performance exhaust and cold air intake. Stage 2 allows you to run a sports cat without the CEL (Check Engine Light) being triggered by a ‘CAT Efficiency’ error code. Stage 2 software is Throttle, Fuelling and Timing adjustable with slightly more flexibility than Stage 1 allowing the vehicle to be setup to suit the fuel quality, driving conditions and driver preferences. Stage2 typically gives great gains throughout the midrange.

Additional hardware needed:

  • Full performance exhaust system with a Sports Cat
  • Efficient performance Cold Air Intake – with correctly scaled MAF housing


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Porsche Cayman 987.2 2009 - 2012