Porsche Cayman 987 2.7 N/A – Steg 1

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Stock 240hk 270nm
REVO Stage 1 Software 256hk 286nm

Stage1 software has been designed to maximise the potential of the 2.7l engine; giving more low end and midrange torque and much better power throughout the rev range. Being adjustable the vehicle can be setup to suit conditions and fuel quality. Throttle response is a personal preference; lower settings give you more control using the throttle and higher values can give the car a very aggressive ‘feel’ when you lightly touch the throttle, neither is wrong so the setting is setup to suit the individual driver and the conditions the car is being used in. Fuelling and Timing adjustment is setup to suit the fuel quality run and again conditions. If the car is being used in a various conditions the Revo SPS is very beneficial, the three user pre-sets can be setup to give a number of performance setting combinations.


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Porsche Cayman 987.2 2009 - 2012