MQB Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe

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After long CAD development based on 3D scan of OEM subframe, tested with CAD FEA (Finite element method) and road going tests you can now buy brand subframe for front of your Audi/VW/SEAT/Skoda cars based on MQB platform. List of cars bellow.

Using same T45 tubing as in WRC cars, our subframes provide increased stiffness and mass reduction. All factory parts bolt up to this unit, no other modifications are necessary.

– 6.5 kg (13 lbs), it is 3.5 kg (8.8 lbs) saving over OEM aluminium subframe or 6 kg over OEM steel. It is 50% savings from steel version !
– second, higher set of control arms mounts to correct suspension kinematics to be used with our tubular wishbones
– no need to use rear steel oem subframe support. Additional 0,5 kg savings.
– one mounting subframe position, eliminates subframe shifting under the car. No need for subframe locking kit / deadset collar kit (weight savings).
– increases chassis rigidity for improved handling performance. No need for additional lower bar/member brace (weight savings)
– polyurethane dogbone mount, significantly reduces engine pitching back and forwards essential for performance driving, no need for additional dog bone insert or aftermarket mount.

– better access to car under body and enables wishbones change with out subframe removal
– T45 (BS4T45 to BS4T100) tubing imported from UK and S355 metal sheets
– all components TIG welded
– delivered painted (powder coated) black or on special order ( 50 euro) any RAL color
– can be used with OEM wishbones or our tubular wishbones
– mounts to the OEM car body and no other modifications are needed to fit the subframe
– includes two xenon lights mounts
– can be used with OEM undertray
– can be used with OEM or aftermarket dogbone support (arms)


What is included:
– front subframe painted with red polyurethane dogbone mount (black available as a option, it is stiffer and recommended only for race cars and motorsport use as there is more NVH present)
– Printed install instructions

Used in MQB platform cars (Type numbers in brackets):

Audi A1 Mk2 (2018 )
Audi A3/S3 Mk2 (8Y, 8V & 8VFL 2012 )
Audi RS3 (8Y, 8V & 8FV 2013 )
Audi TT/TTS (8S 2014-2021)
Audi TTRS (8S 2016-2021)
Audi Q2 (2017 )
Audi Q3 / RSQ3 (F3 2018 )
SEAT León Mk3 (5F) (2006-2013)
SEAT Ibiza Mk5 (2017 )
Skoda Octavia Mk3
Skoda Superb B8
VW Golf Mk7 Mk8 (2012 )  Gti / R
VW Passat Mk8 (2015 )
VW Polo Mk6 (2018 )

Subframe is made for both LHD and RHD cars.

T45 is a very unique seamless carbon based steel tube that has been used in many applications in different industries. It is stronger than Co-Mo 4130 tubing that also used in motorsport. It is widely used in the aerospace sector in equipment such as pilot’s seats and crew’s seats due to the materials ability to withstand high G forces without snapping or splitting. This material is a Carbon Manganese based and conforms to the full Aerospace Specification laid down by British Standards.

Tensile: 700 – 900MPa,
0.2% Yield 620MPa minimum
Hardness Test: 201min – 262 max HB or 210min – 275max HV.

– 5Q0199313N
– 5Q0199315P
– 5Q0199315R
– 5Q0199369G
– 3Q0199369E

Notice: Sold for off road, track and racing applications only. Installation of this product will introduce some additional NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) transfer into the cabin. We strongly advice to mount the subframe in professional lift shop or mechanic.

Notice 2: If you are using standard OEM metal wishbones and your car is lowered significantly it might be necessary to shim off around 2 mm of the wishbones at on the length of 10 mm. It is not necessary to shim anything with OEM aluminium wishbones or when using Verkline Front Lower Control Arms.

Notice 3: Subframe does not work with Whiteline and SuperPro Front Lower Control Arms. They are bigger in width then OEM arms and can’t be used with our subframe.


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Audi A3 8V 2013 - 2020
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