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APP 2-Piece rotor kit

APP 2-piece rotor kits combine the advantages of weight savings and rapid heat dissipation to provide a rotor superior to stock both in performance and component life. The reduction in rotational and unsprung weight allows for quicker acceleration, more responsive handling and decreased braking distances. The directional curved veins increase the speed of airflow, keeps air attached to the vane walls to draw off more heat and reduce turbulence leading to consistent & rapid cooling. The rotor rings are heat treated, lowering the tendency for rotor cracking by reducing internal rotor stresses. Additionally they are mill balanced to a tolerance of less than 60,0mm3. This additional machining operation reduces feedback associated with rotor vibration, eliminating run out and provides a smooth confident application of braking force. All non-friction ring surfaces including the internal vanes, are E-coated to resist salt and other corrosives. The lightweight aluminium hat are made using T7075 aluminium; one of the strongest aluminium alloys available and able to match most steel alloys in terms of strength. Optionally; APP 2-piece rotor kits can be ordered with a fully floating assembly allowing for radial expansion of the rotor ring while conventional OE rotors are prone to warping due to them being unable to cope with the stress of drastic heat fluctuations.


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