1.8T, TFSI & TSI High Performance Ignition Coils BAR-TEK®

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1.8T and 2.0L TFSI High Performance ignition coils!

The original ignition coils are very sensitive and could cause misfires. To fix this problem, we have the solution:

HIGH Performance ignition coil is very stable and is sought after for tuned 1.8T, TFSI & 2.7T engines.

The ignition coils have a better combustion, because of the stronger ignition spark, which additionally also reduces fuel consumption.

The ignition coil fits without adapter plates at:

  • all 2.0L TFSI EA113 / TSI 1st and 2nd generation engines.
  • 2.5L EA855 engines

The adapter plates are needed at:

  • 1.8T and 2.7L Biturbo engines (e.g. Golf 4 or Audi S4/RS4)
  • newer VW / Audi 3.2L V6 engines

The adapter plates are available in oval or square shape depending on the ignition coil screw connection on the valve cover!

Price per piece.

We recommend always spray some silicone spray on the coil during installation. Otherwise it may happen that the rubber tears during disassembly.


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