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Revo Tryckrör till Audi B9 2.0 TFSI

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The Revo Intercooler Pipe Upgrade kit reduces charge system resistance and improves flow over the restrictive stock pipework. Designed for the Audi B9 chassis with the longitudinal 2.0TFSi engine, this upgrade features larger internal diameters, fewer restrictions for smoother airflow, and optimised routing.

Reinforced, oil resistant silicone hoses, lightweight mandrel-bent aluminium pipework and flush fit joins to eliminate turbulence, the Revo Intercooler Pipe upgrade is designed to fit either the stock or Revo Intercooler. A multitude of design features and attention to detail that only Revo offer means this a product that performs.


  • Increased internal diameter
  • Smoother airflow
  • Fits Revo and stock intercooler
  • +8HP & 9NM
  • Water Meth Bung


  • Revo throttle pipe
  • Revo charge hose
  • Revo throttle pipe Silicones
  • Hose clamps



Each part of the kit has been designed to increase the overall diameter and increase internal volume. Larger charge air volume in the system means reduced flow resistance, allowing the turbo to expend more energy on air compression and less energy overcoming restrictions; resulting in more power.



The Revo charge hose is a smooth custom-designed silicone hose, with a tapered first bend from the turbo outlet to gradually transition to a larger diameter. The charge pipe is designed to directly replace the OEM part utilising optimised pipe routing and a unique constant-diameter design. Wire helix reinforcement with 5mm wall thickness gives greater strength and rigidity while allowing enough clearance from engine parts, increasing performance without compromising fitment.



The Revo throttle pipe is much larger than the stock part, manufactured using mandrel-bent aluminium hard pipe volume has been increased by 23%. The reinforced oil resistant silicone hoses are stepped and ID-matched to promote laminar, uniformed flow across the transition of parts. This part also has an integrated water methanol bung placed near the throttle body, allowing easy access from the top of the engine bay.





All Revo products are designed in-house using the latest 3D printing technology, CAD and CFD software. Every product is rigorously tested utilising an in-house Hub dyno and Revo data acquisition software. The benefits of the Revo intercooler pipe upgrade allows the turbo to run more efficiently, moving a larger volume of air and minimising turbulence. This increases power and torque, especially in the middle of the rev range as highlighted during controlled dyno testing.


Back to back testing of both the OEM intercooler pipe work and Revo upgrade was carried out on an Audi A4 B9 (2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 3) fitted with Revo intercooler, Stage 2 Software and the stock air intake system. The overall power gains between the two sets of runs was 8HP and 9NM.


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